Hello world!

2005-10-26 6:38am by Ann

Blah blah blah

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  1. Miguel González says:

    Heya, this is another comment. Nice site, by the way.

    Weren’t you the one who transliterated a bunch of Slayers lyrics by Hayashibara to romaji, now that I remember? I loved these songs quite a long time ago.



  2. ann says:

    Hi Miguel,

    Thanks for visiting my site!

    I think that’s probably me… I used to run a big Slayers website back in high school with a whole bunch of lyrics romanizations and translations. Those songs were some of my favorites!

  3. tyler says:

    blahblahblah? o.O what is blah blah blah hahaha. you are so silly ann! peace


  4. guess says:


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