Vocal session and lost headphones

While rushing off to a vocal session today I dropped and lost forever my only pair of decent earbuds on hand. I was planning to get some listening in while riding the BART (the timing of the song I was to sing on was incredibly tricky), but I instead ended up staring into space for 1.5 hours lamenting my loss. WAH!

But I suppose the moral of the story is that last minute rushing around is bad… Somehow I invariably end up forgetting something or losing something on the way.

Looking on the bright side… I suppose it’s a good time to upgrade!

I did get to try out an old vintage Neumann M49 microphone during the recording. Didn’t get to AB it with anything else so all I can really say is that I sure liked the way I sounded on it… on that particular system of course, which is pretty hard to be conclusive about at all. Oh well.



I love libraries! I even used to work in one. I used to hang out there pretty much all the time. It was FUN AND EXCITING! Libraries are filled with many great things! And by things, I of course mean DVDs.

Anyway I have been walking around a lot lately and discovered TWO libraries in my area. I checked out the small selection of DVDs at one of them and picked out “The Pillow Book.” I just watched it and all I can say is…????! And that is all. Not recommended.

Libraries are still great though…


Adventures in homelessness

I’m back in San Francisco!

After a brief period of homelessness and wandering aimlessly on the streets of San Francisco, I’m also no longer homeless. For the moment, anyway.

Whilst getting some stuff out of my storage today, I dropped my guitar and dented it quite badly. Doh! I now have a hole in my heart (literally… my guitar is shaped like a big pink heart).

I still have a box of unwashed laundry from 3 months back in my storage. I decided to leave it be for now… lalala…

And the toilet obsession continues! This one is tentatively titled “Public Toilet.”

There’s even toilet paper! At least I think that’s toilet paper.

Yes this is ART, baby…

Stay tuned for more…


And this is why I need my camera with me at all times

I didn’t have my camera… but I did have my cell phone…

Take that, DuChamp! You can’t touch this…