Google Checkout shopping cart beta

2008-03-24 2:06pm by Ann

Having just got an email in my inbox announcing a Google-provided shopping cart widget just a few hours ago, I decided to check out their demo:

On first glance it all looks pretty nice and appears to work simply as expected. However I quickly noticed a couple of problems that render it unusable in its current state… Anyway, here’s what’s wrong:

– Add an item
– Go to checkout
– Hit back on the browser
– Add another item

Problem: cart widget removes the first item (and any previously added items), and shows newly added item(s) only

– Go to checkout

Problem: error!

Google Shopping Cart Demo has sent Google a shopping cart with errors in it. We’ll contact them to ask that they fix this problem. As this could be a temporary issue, you can go back in your browser to try checking out again.

Hmm… looks like QA missed something…

5 Responses to “Google Checkout shopping cart beta”

  1. bierce says:

    does Google have QA? if they call everything a beta, maybe they think they don’t need it.

  2. Ann says:

    Ha! Well either way they are apparently lacking in that particular department… I mean this is not just any small startup with no budget, it’s GOOGLE! This kind of simple mistake — so plainly obvious right upon launch — is just embarrassing, really.

  3. Hey Ann, I know you couldn’t find anything on that one story about that woman sitting on the toilet.
    But I think I got one better for you!
    Any one think that some one might lose there job over this?

  4. Seth says:

    Hmm, maybe that’s just the pure genius of Google and why things are “beta”. Everyone using the service becomes a beta tester and they don’t have a need to hire a QA team. Just roll it on out and wait for people to complain.

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