WordPress Plugin: Separate Feed Comments and Trackbacks

2008-10-02 11:40pm by Ann

I couldn’t find anything out there that separated comments and trackbacks from the sitewide and post comments feeds in WordPress, so I had to take a peek at the source to figure this one out. Luckily there’s an (undocumented) hook “comment_feed_where” that makes it easy! Woo!

Anyway, here’s the plugin in case anyone else might be interested…

Download this plugin at WordPress.org.

4 Responses to “WordPress Plugin: Separate Feed Comments and Trackbacks”

  1. geekwrench says:

    Sarah figures all that stuff out for me, i think she might like that link.

  2. adam says:

    Doesn’t seem to be doing anything on my site. Installed it, activated it, saved the settings and nothing. I really want my comments and trackbacks separated. Any ideas?

    • Ann says:

      Sounds like it doesn’t work anymore with the more recent versions of WP… will have to check into this and update the plugin when I find some free time…

  3. […] come previsto, Google ha comunque indicizzato tuttoHo disabilitato, come dicevo prima, il plugin Separate Comments And Trackbacks, che già qualche tempo fa mi aveva insospettito. Ora la prova è quella di mettere in coda questo […]

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