WTF is wrong with Google AdSense? Get those evil “Yes on 8” ads off your site!

I loaded up this morning and to my horror the Google AdSense spaces had “Yes on Prop 8” ads all over it! What is wrong with you, Google?! I am a firm supporter of same sex marriage rights and am VERY OPPOSED to Prop 8, which is both evil and hateful! While I can’t speak for the entire Bay Area anime community, I will say that most people I know who are fans of anime and manga are also very accepting of homosexuality. Either way, the ads are completely irrelevant to my site and I am FURIOUS that they were allowed to end up there!

I’ve submitted a request over an hour ago to block the ads, but since Google was taking its sweet old time to comply I just took them completely off for now. If you have a site that runs AdSense and would like to block the ads too (good luck), these are the steps that supposedly may eventually work:

1. Login to your AdSense account
2. Navigate to: AdSense Setup -> Competitive Ad Filter
3. Enter “” in the text box
4. Press the “Save changes” button

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One reply on “WTF is wrong with Google AdSense? Get those evil “Yes on 8” ads off your site!”

Same here, I’m completely pissed off, Google seems to be running these Prop 8 ads where they clearly don’t belong.
I know for a fact I chose to display “vitamins and sports supplements” along with relevant content from my page.
I believe they snuck these in via the “Public Message” loop hole, my mistake for allowing “public messages to be displayed when relevant ads are not available”.
I just turned off that function and also suspended any display of ads until I read the fine print and clamp down on all this BS.

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