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2009-03-04 10:58pm by Ann

Here’s a super simple WordPress plugin that automatically adds HTML anchor tags to plain text links and email addresses embedded in the content of posts and pages (WordPress already does this by default for comments). It also gives you the option to set the nofollow attribute value on all automatically generated hyperlinks.

Download this plugin at WordPress.org.

26 Responses to “WordPress Automatic Links plugin”

  1. Really nice, did exactly what it says without any other modifications 😀

    Thanx ^^

  2. drivelocity says:

    Thank you very much! I’m working on a blog that will have pages of URLs and would have been a major headache to manually link each one. Your plugin is such a time and patience saver! It really should be a standard option in WordPress…

  3. Ann says:

    You’re welcome! Glad to see that people are finding it useful!

    It’s strange that automatic hyperlinking isn’t enabled by default in post and page content, especially since WP comments already work this way…

  4. Taha says:

    thanks a lot. was unable to find such a plugin on worpress dot org.
    is it listed?and what about a plugin to automatically link internal pages?

  5. gus says:

    Thanks for making this, Ann! Looking at the code, I see you say you used the make_clickable function from bbpress. But there’s one in WordPress too. Any reason not to hook into that?

    • Ann says:

      The bbPress function is pretty similar… honestly I just happened to be looking at bbPress source code at the time.

      The only problem I see with using the built in make_clickable function is that it automatically nofollows all the links, which you may or may not want.

  6. mediatechno says:

    nice plugin… it very useful in my blog

    thank you

  7. This is a nice way to insert links in articles. I require the algo behind it.

  8. Rick Dawson says:

    how about setting the target attributes?

  9. Rick Dawson says:

    how about setting the target=”” attributes of the anchor tags?

  10. Scott Granneman says:

    How do I disable it on individual posts? For instance, if I’m explaining that you should email “sample@sample.com”, I don’t want that to be a hyperlink.

    Great plugin otherwise!


  11. Alexa says:

    Fantastic plugin – I could not find one like this after searching and searching the plugins and this does *exactly* what I need! The ability to target is fantastic – and it just saves me time.

    Thank you SO much!

  12. Larry says:

    Hi, I don’t quite understand how to set this up. I have the plugin activiated but no instructions. ?????

  13. Ida says:

    I love this plugin. Or I did. As of this morning, it’s not working. I’ve not updated my WordPress to 2.9.

  14. Super fantastic plugin, works as advertised! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Daniela says:

    Love the plug-in, many thanks for making it available, Ann. Am a WordPress and website-building newby and your plug in saved me a lot of headache.

    One question: it worked really well – all email addresses and URLs were linked and underlined – and now they are all still linked, but appear in white and bold. I cannot figure out what happened? Could it be that installing the latest WordPress version caused this? What can I do to change to underlined style? At the moment it is not apparent on my site that the info is linked. http://www.cavalletticommunications.com

    Can you help at all? Many thanks!!!

  16. Klas Wirholm says:

    Theres one problem with this plugin, when you already have al link it makes a link of it to. If you for an example have a image with a lik around, it will remove that link and make a text link of the url iafter href=” so the image no more is a ink.

  17. Klas Wirholm says:


    I found a solution for the problem. The problem only affect absolue links with www ore ftp in the beginning. Relative links is ok!

  18. winoto says:

    i think it is an interesting plug in. but, i have same problem with daniela. an i already fixd it. so, thanks u so much.

  19. Lee Young says:

    This plugin is too great. Thanks guys

  20. DoZ says:

    Is it possible to disable it on a single email?
    Or to set some whitelist?
    I’m working on a project called “abc@xyz” and this word is recognized as email address by your wonderful plugin, so it’s a problem.

  21. Droidhub says:

    Thank you very much, using on my site 🙂

  22. Since this site doesn’t have a link generator I added your plugin hoping it would work on a text widget…but it doesn’t. Coan you help with this?

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