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What can $1 buy you at a baseball game?

Since moving to San Francisco I have done many odd jobs, which I mostly find off of Craigslist or through friends. I’ve done quite a few “promotional modeling” gigs which ridiculously enough often pay better than what I’d get from most Craigslist computer gigs. (Note to these people: If you want someone who actually knows what they’re doing you’re just going to have to pay for it! Otherwise go ahead and hire some random nobody who takes three times as long or worse yet, can’t even do the job…)

Ahem. Anyway, today’s gig was a promo job for Sony PSP at SBC Park. Since I have no car and there’s generally no secure storage at these places, I left my wallet at home and walked out with $10 for food plus bus fare in my pocket. I got there, changed into my uniform, stuck my money in my uniform pocket and figured all was well. Unfortunately an hour or so before my break I discovered that somewhere along the way I had lost my $10. I was starving and I had $1 in my pocket. At a baseball game $1 will buy you absolutely nothing! When break time came around my partner offered to buy me food, but she had only $10 on her so we hunted around trying to find out what we could get with $10 for two people. We eventually decided on hot dogs. As we were standing in line some guy who we’d talked to earlier (while trying to get him to demo our PSPs) turned out to be the guy working the chili stand and he offered us free chili! So we went over to the chili stand, got free chili, and went back to the hot dog booth for hot dogs. It so happened that the lady working behind the counter was someone we talked to before too… and she hooked us up with free hot dogs and soda! Yay! I left my $1 as tip.

Thanks to these people working the food stands at SBC Park I didn’t starve today! The world is filled with kind people in random places…

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