And this is why I need my camera with me at all times

I didn’t have my camera… but I did have my cell phone…

Take that, DuChamp! You can’t touch this…


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Indeed! But uhm… what exactly is this?

Cheers, Steve (who is proud of resisting the temptation of writing an all too silly comment. phew)

Oh. Art it is? Ha. Ha… Haha… Buhahahahha!!!

So, this porcelaine was punished this badly in the name of art? OH MY GOD! I will immediately call the World Toilet Organization!

It really exists! No joke. – even though they don’t fight toilet abuse&discrimination, afaik.

I love installation art! :) Do they show this at the SF Museum of Modern Art?

WOW! And I mean… WOW! There’s a whole world of toilets I never even knew about! And the World Toilet Expo 2006 is coming up soon… we need to get tickets NOW!

And that slogan:
“Happy toilet, healthy life”


Thank you for the tip, kind sir! And I will be sure to submit my portfolio to the SF MOMA straight away! Will keep you all updated on how that goes…

Hehe, thanks for pointing out that slogan! Yeah, those marketing people are ingenius!!

Did you play their “3D”-computer game!? It’s called: “Urgent!” Wow!

But what’s even better: it’s really crappy! STRIKING!

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