I love libraries! I even used to work in one. I used to hang out there pretty much all the time. It was FUN AND EXCITING! Libraries are filled with many great things! And by things, I of course mean DVDs.

Anyway I have been walking around a lot lately and discovered TWO libraries in my area. I checked out the small selection of DVDs at one of them and picked out “The Pillow Book.” I just watched it and all I can say is…????! And that is all. Not recommended.

Libraries are still great though…

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Yeah, libraries! Nice memories! Comics, action movies and my first book on computer programming… I wonder what they’d say, if I returned it today? Hehe. Yes, shame on me.

Now that we know, which DVD not to get, how about Ann’s list of recommended DVDs!? You know, this “three DVDs to take to a deserted island”-thing. Let’s assume there’s a fully equipped home cinema.

DOH! Stealing from libraries! BAD! Although I admit I did it once… though it was mainly for fun, to see if I could get away with it if I just jumped over the door sensor. I actually returned the book about a month later (whew, my conscience is clear)!

Hmm I can’t pick 3 DVDs. There are definitely a lot of good movies out there but I’m guessing the pickings are slim at my local library branch.

I did rent and watch A.I. recently (a movie I wanted to see but never got around to back when it came out). I enjoyed it quite a bit though as far as movies filmed around the same time in that same genre I thought Minority Report was better.

Hey, It wasn’t intentional stealing! It’s more unintentional… uhm… laziness? Okay, bad excuse. But they really shouldn’t have stopped sending me those return-reminder-postcards. Anyway, experimental avoidance of control sensors is a way better excuse for library theft. ;p

Have you also seen “War of Worlds”? It’s interesting to compare these three movies. They were all directed by Spielberg within the last five years and share quite some similarities. From those three I also liked Minority Report best. Spielberg lately tends to overly symbolic and/or emotional (almost cheesy) scenes which really annoyed me in AI and War of Worlds. I wonder what Kubrick would have made out of AI, though.

Well what was that saying? “It ain’t stealing if you don’t get caught!”

I wasn’t a big fan of “War of the Worlds”. I liked it the least out of the three and the way Tom Cruise speaks annoyed me more than usual in this movie. The best part about having seen it was that I was able to enjoy the Scary Movie parody scenes.

Kubrick would have made something twisted and dark out of A.I., not a happy fuzzy warm Spielberg family movie complete with little kids (which IMO he hasn’t done completely right since E.T.). Too bad… it would have been interesting to see A.I. as Kubrick’s final work instead of “Eyes Wide Shut”, which I like least out of all his films.

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