Vocal session and lost headphones

While rushing off to a vocal session today I dropped and lost forever my only pair of decent earbuds on hand. I was planning to get some listening in while riding the BART (the timing of the song I was to sing on was incredibly tricky), but I instead ended up staring into space for 1.5 hours lamenting my loss. WAH!

But I suppose the moral of the story is that last minute rushing around is bad… Somehow I invariably end up forgetting something or losing something on the way.

Looking on the bright side… I suppose it’s a good time to upgrade!

I did get to try out an old vintage Neumann M49 microphone during the recording. Didn’t get to AB it with anything else so all I can really say is that I sure liked the way I sounded on it… on that particular system of course, which is pretty hard to be conclusive about at all. Oh well.

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