I did another promotion for Sony today at AT&T Park, which was more fun than usual as it was for the annual “Icer Air” ski/snowboard/skateboarding event rather than just another baseball game. The highlight for me was a live performance by Ladytron, a UK band which I’d only vaguely heard of. The acoustics of the live setup were awful (I blame the stadium), but aside from a couple of odd chanting songs in some foreign language and the singer being in a completely different key than the rest of the band on “Seventeen” (usually a really catchy dance/pop tune), I enjoyed both their music and performance quite a bit. The scene was a pretty strange one though, what with the somewhat gothy (all dressed in black) electronic/synth-pop/dance/shoegazey-rock band playing in the afternoon sunshine on a stage in the middle of a baseball field with kids running around everywhere, and right next to a huge ski ramp with skiiers and snowboarders jumping, flipping out, and injuring themselves all over the place causing both the crowd and band members to look over to the side and gasp periodically throughout the performance.

Now how’s that for a run-on sentence? Good thing this is just a blog.

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Ladytron. Thanks for pointing them out! After sampling some of their clips, including their live performance of “Evil” at the Icer Air (isn’t youtube cool?), I enjoyed their tracks quite a bit as well. Reminds me of something. But I can’t put my finger on it. Something between Goldfrapp, Air and Kraftwerk. Hmm dunno.

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