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As Happy As Happy Can Be!

Since I’ve started writing music I’ve pretty much stopped writing poetry in favor of writing lyrics. It’s pretty much the same thing, just stricter in terms of form, especially since lately I tend to only complete a lyrical piece if I have some rough song and/or melody idea in mind.

Anyway having these words in my head but no suitable song idea at hand, I came up with this poem a couple of days ago. It’s not as structured as a set of lyrics but I suppose with some work it could easily be as I (subconsciously?) inserted a recurring “chorus.”

As Happy As Happy Can Be!

I need another me
to send out into reality
to be wherever and whoever I don’t want to be

…because it seems so necessary

She’d need to make a lot of money
so I can buy all the material debris
that allow people to pretend they’re truly happy

…because it seems so necessary
to strive for the top of this world
…because it’s almost too easy
for “such a smart girl”

Just look at me!
You’d think I’m happy
as happy can possibly be!
Don’t you agree?
I’m just as happy
as happy can possibly be?

Such a shining example of over-positivity!
Optimistic everything complete with boundless energy —
You and I — we guarantee!

Such a nonchalant decree
from somebody who should be
nothing more than nobody but me

So I say “Piss off!” to you and the you that is me
just like I’m pissed off at everybody!

See how it affects me?
See how they affect me?
See how you affect me?

See how I affect me?
See how I affect me?!

I wonder how simple it might be
to live that dream existence solitary
where my thoughts control all absolutely?

…because it seems so necessary
to enjoy this life thus interestingly!

So who wants me?
You think I’m happy
as happy can possibly be?
Can you make me
just as happy
as happy can possibly be?


Copyright© 2006 by Ann Oyama

4 replies on “As Happy As Happy Can Be!”

Has anyone told you before, that you’re a complex being, Mam?

The cool thing about poetry is that you can write about anything you want and still get away with it. So I feel I shouldn’t really comment on those lines here.

Actually, I should stop spamming your diary with my stupid comments anyway…

Why thank you! I take being complex as a compliment anyway…

Actually the cool thing about poetry is that anyone who bothers to read it and think about it long enough to have something to say about it (where it’s not forced upon him/her as it is in the typical English/poetry class situation) is bound to have something INTERESTING to say about it. Or at least, _I’m_ interested in hearing it…

hi me again! i harrased you at wordpress today (event tech marketing guy -could not find a card.) i did have a little trouble reconciling the giggling nervous girl presenting today with what little i saw on your site last week. i suppose we all “put on a face to meet the faces we will meet.” i am *sure* that it is a true stastic that more people are afraid of public speaking than they are of dying! good thing you have natural charm and humor- you won the crowd over from the start. actually the crowd is ALWAYS hoping a speaker does well. there is nothing more uncomfortable than to watch somebody EPIC FAIL! (i think you will just get better and better but there is always beta blockers and xanax if you panic…) also glad to know there seems to be a part of you that will, with a smile on your face and your head bowed low, not hesitate to “show you fear in a handful of dust” ok maybe i’m strectching a bit. i do like poetry (and lit)- mostly 1920’s – ’30s american/english. do you know those quotes? i read tht very long poem every april. (hint) oh and i’m starting a blog because i keep doing this to other peoples! sorry if you’re even still reading! nice to meet you any gigs coming-up or discs pressed? jjw

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