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Illness and the internet

Having been deathly ill with the dreaded sore throat / laryngitis / hacking-cough-preventing-sleep combination, and also having not been hard-core enough to obtain this season’s hottest super toy known affectionately as the “Wii!”, I have had ample time recently to re-discover the wonders of surfing the internet whilst consuming insane amounts of chicken noodle soup.

I am referring mostly to the web comic titled “The Perry Bible Fellowship” located at Surely, you have heard of it! If not, you MUST check it out! It is guaranteed to help you through those miserable dark times of horrible illness.

I also briefly looked for online backup services and ended up sorting through a bunch of “best of” reviews only to find that many of those newfangled Web 2.0 companies no longer exist. It’s cool that everyone’s starting to give everything away for free, but it’s not cool when the free things disappear in a few months…

Anyway I am back home in Hawaii for the holidays, and I made it through the airplane ride here without my ears exploding! HOORAY! Hopefully the warm weather will speed up my recovery time.

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The Perry Bible Fellowship. Queer! Some strips are damn wicked. Hehe!

Dunno if you ever had the pleasure to waste some time with online roleplaying games, but if you did, check out That’s my favorite web comic!

Speaking of queer things – your menu bar above is shifted to the right when using IE.

Anyway, get well soon and enjoy the sun!

Yep, PBF is clever and random!

I used to waste lots of time with games and rpgs, but I didn’t spend as much time in any of the massive multiplayer ones (unless you count those early bbs text-based muds in high school… lalala…)… but of course I knew a lot of people who were hooked and basically lived their lives in there.

Thanks for the comic tip!

Umm… anyway…

I think I fixed the menu. Grrr for browser CSS inconsistencies! GRRRRR!! Please let me know if anything else looks messed up!

awww…hope u’r feeling better :p

o yea, at the LAN party I helped out at, someone brought a PS3, another brought a Xbox 360, and another brought a Wii.

We messed around with the PS3 but after 5 minutes and not getting it to work right, it went right back into it’s box (the PS3 is not compatible with PS1/PS2 controllers so your DDR pads don’t work).
We then messed around with the 360 for a while but eventually, it was left to be.
Everyone went on to the Wii where ppl continued to play bowling among other games.

Though technologically, it may be inferior to the others (480p only vs 1080i for the 360 and 1080p for the PS3), it mops the floor when it comes to overall playability and fun.

Sadly the Wii is still hard to get (at retail), requiring some insider release info and camping out. But apparently everyone agrees that it’s the funnest of the new gen consoles… 5 star reviews at amazon even!

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