Merry Christmas YAY!


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… and a Happy New Year!!

I’m back home at last. So my Wii and Miis are finally all alone! Hehe.

For once it doesn’t suck to live in Europe, game-console-wise! Looks like this inspiring lil device is much harder to get in the US and Nippon these days. :P

Lots of love and sucess in 2007, everyone!

Not-so-popular? Yesterday I read, the Wii has been the fastest selling game console in European history. They sold 700k Wiis in December in Europe. Not bad… But in Nippon they sold 1.1 million units and in the US 1.8 million. I guess Europe has always been more of a PC-oriented game market.

Estimated taxes? Yikes! Can be intimidating when all income has already been reasonably invested (in video game consoles, world travels and cool clothing).

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