My new haircut is terrible! The stylist definitely chopped off more than the required 10 inches… and it really does just look like she just put my hair in a ponytail, cut above the line, and did nothing more.

I’m more convinced than ever now that caucasion people just don’t know how to cut Asian hair. I don’t have much of it left (it’s just about chin-length now) but I’m thinking of going somewhere to fix it.

And to top it all off I just broke my cell phone screen! The inside screen! Rendering it almost completely useless! Will Cingular warranty cover this? We’ll find out tomorrow…

Well it’s been one of those days… ARGH!!!!!!

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I know how that feels.
been a busy, hectic month. :p
and damn it…I need a new cell…just that there isn’t any good cell I want to replace it with yet….
O, as far as I know, I think you are good to go for GDC :)

Ann……your new hair style actually looks very good.
It’s one of those things that you are used to something so much after having it for such a long time of period, and you feel extra terrible when you lose it.
BY the way, I haven’t had a single haircut with full satisfaction when I have haircut at any barber shop.

Anyways…..don’t worry! It’ll grow back!

Wow! The concept of donating hair strikes me as, uhm… unusual. However I think it is an act of great charity and deserves praise! So kudos to you!

And since nobody else will do, I apologize in the name of my fellow caucasian people. Please understand that noone ever introduces us to the mystery that is asian hair. And those of us who know about it, really just can’t resist to mess around with it. Sorry!! It’s nothing personal, really!

I always feel disappointed with my hair cuts. Sometimes I wish the world were more like IT and you could make backups before doing anything destructive. I suppose it would suck the fun out of life a little but a geek can still dream.

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