Razr… fixing it yourself

YAY! It’s fixed! Despite the poorly detailed instructions I was sent along with the replacement OEM LCD unit from ebay, I somehow managed to NOT break any of the tiny ribbons while disassembling, shove the new LCD back in there, and snap it all back together with great success. Though it was much more difficult than I expected… due primarily to the fact that the delicate ribbon running along the entire face of the original LCD unit had to be removed from both the LCD and the glass plate covering, which were all attached to each other with extra strength sticky tape (no mention of this in the instructions at all!). Also the ebay listings advertising that all you need is a T5 screwdriver are complete LIES! You’ll need at the very least the screwdriver, a pin, and some kind of plastic card to use as a wedge to get the casing open, the plate covering off the LCD, and the ribbon off the old LCD face. Fingernails help too.


LCDs are fragile! Do not throw open phone onto bed, exposing large fragile unprotected LCD! Do not sit on, step on, or crush under your knee!

Anyway… I still need to write about GDC last week…

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