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Why does instant spaghetti taste like Tomato soup?

Being quite unskilled at cooking and currently without a full kitchen facility anyway, I have come to appreciate the variety of instant/microwave dinners available at my local Safeway. However after sampling a great number of brands and meal types I have noticed that despite the expansive variety, there seems to be an extremely narrow band of flavor.

And so we come to the exotic European noodle dish known as spaghetti. I am saddened to report that after extensive research, I have come to the conclusion that all instant spaghetti dinners taste exactly like tomato soup. Frozen, canned, and even the promising somewhat gourmet (ie. slightly more expensive) “NEVER FROZEN! STOVETOP COOKED!” microwavable spaghetti dishes… with or without “meatballs” (pieces of edible paper sponge)… all are simple tomato soup substitutions! How are companies getting away with this?!

Anyway in other more positive news I’ve recently discovered that caffeine free Coca-Cola tastes exactly the same as regular caffeinated Coca-Cola! HOORAY!

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Yup, same here. I gave up on canned spaghetti a long time ago. Luckily cooking some real spagetthi and warming up your favourite pasta sauce takes only 10% more time and results in – at least – a 100% better taste. A great ROI if you ask me!

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