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Despite my having no on-screen experience whatsoever I somehow was invited to do a guest segment on a web broadcast show focused on tech. Unfortunately, it being unscripted AND my first time in front of a video camera, I was way too nervous to say anything intelligent and resorted mostly to “um” interspersed with barely coherent babbling that utterly failed to reach the point I had set out to make. Also my hands were shaking pretty uncontrollably and I think I blew through the demo without narrating anything. By the time I realized that what was going on wasn’t just some kind of screen test it was already over and apparently not quite bad enough to edit out of the show entirely…

While I have only a vague recollection of the whole ordeal, I do know with absolute certainty that I embarrassed myself quite thoroughly and no doubt came off as some kind of blithering idiot. It’s amazing how the simple presence of a video camera (actually, make that three very large video cameras plus a shocking number of super bright lights) somehow has the effect of wiping my brain completely clean. Ah well… at least there would be ample room for improvement. The show “airs” on Friday and my segment is pretty short, so maybe nobody will really notice it!

My sincere apologies to FreePOPs. I was sadly unable to properly convey how and why I consider the FreePOPs project to be the best of its kind, due to an appreciation for the application itself with its flexible configuration options and the extensive number of webmail plugins already included (that load on the fly via another plugin for easy updates!), and also for the great community of users and developers that respond QUICKLY to webmail interface changes by contributing their feedback and fixes (hooray for open source!). Hopefully I at least got across the message that it is extremely useful free cross-platform software and easy to configure, thus people will be inclined to check out the project anyway.

My setup (since no one asked): cron periodically calls fetchmail to forward (via postfix) all my fetched webmail to my usual POP/IMAP accessible email account. YAY! I set it up once and promptly forgot it was even there.

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I think you did a fantastic job. However, I was left wondering… “who is this girl screaming about open source?” So, here I am.

I enjoyed your enthusiasm!

~ All the best.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. You did great. I watch a lot of rev3 shows and other web TV stuff, and you were better than most. You took a complicated concept (open source? my own POP server?) and made it accessible and human, which is the hardest thing to do when it comes to complicated tech stuff. Aloha from Hawaii!

Not sure if you were looking for it, but after I saw you on Tekzilla, I wrote Rev3 and asked for them to keep you as the co-host.

You were great!

Wasn’t that bad, it showed that you have no on-screen experience but other than that you did better than most people would.

You could easily become a good co-host so I hope that was what they were trying you out for and they liked what they saw!

I agree with the others that it really wasn’t bad at all. You got a little muffled when you were trying to demo setting things up but I didn’t notice the hand shaking you mentioned.

The fact that you did it was cool though. I’d probably be too nervous. I have a hard time typing when someone is watching. I drop from 60 WPM to 6.

It didn’t look that bad! The segment got me to check out both FreePOPs and this website, so seems to have worked in my case. At least I now know about FreePOPs and will be able to recommend it to anyone who needs it – so cheers for that.


Never noticed that you were nervous. You promoted the product well enough to get me interested in it.
You obviously came across as someone worth finding out about, got me here didn’t it!

Take care



I just watched the tekzilla ep you were on and I thought you were fine! You didn’t come off as a webvideo pro which just added to your charm on-screen. You came off as a real person talking about a great app. Good job! :)


Just watched the TZ episode and you were great, came here to read more about you. I for one would love to see more of you on TZ. Did you know that Patrick is looking for a new female co-host, I think you would be a fantastic candidate. A super smart tech like you would be a perfect choice.
Thanks again.

Just checking out your website after seeing you on Tekzilla on Revision 3. Like most have stated, I think you did a good job on your presentation. With a little more camera time, you’d be an awesome co-host for the show if that is your goal. Best of Luck!

Like the others here I just saw you on Techzilla and wondered what else you do. Despite all your self abuse in the blog entry I thought you did a great job, but I’m not good at viewing things from the perspective of “my mom” (my term for people that need to take notes on how to open outlook). I really liked that you pushed open source forward and explained fairly plainly what freepops was, and even how to install it – though that may have gone to quickly for “mom” to figure out, if she had a mac :)

Tekzilla would be lucky to get someone with your qualifications to co- host the show (read you resume superann). Patrick is hands on self taught and you are school trained. Great combination for a show. Now you know what to expect If invited to co-host again. Good job.

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