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Firefox 3 Beta 4 for Mac

… is surprisingly GREAT! I’ve been using it HEAVILY for a few days now and in addition to the updated UI that gives it a performance boost over previous versions of FF, it’s actually WAY more stable and responsive than any version of Safari or Camino ever was on my Powerbook G4 (running OS X 10.4, since I really don’t feel the need to pay for bloat in an OS upgrade).

I’ve been complaining for years about the lack of a decent browser for OS X… that is, one that doesn’t crash every hour… or make that every few seconds when browsing ugly hacks like customized myspace profiles. FF3 has crashed only a couple of times somewhat randomly in the past few days which already makes it pretty awesome in my book, especially since it’s still in beta.

Anyway no matter what you’re running you should definitely check it out:
Firefox 3 beta 4 now available for download

By the way, I’d just like to say that Safari is absolute GARBAGE! Shame on Apple!

In other completely unrelated news… how is this possible?!
Woman Pried From Boyfriend’s Toilet After Sitting on It for 2 Years

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Ann said: “By the way, I’d just like to say that Safari is absolute GARBAGE! Shame on Apple!”

What do you hate about Safari?

I mean, how on earth, can toilet paper last that long???

I think the real question here is, so what toilet was the boyfriend using?

I’ve scoured the web for followup news (or better yet pictures) but was only able to find this article:,1,6748357.story

“Authorities said they did not know if she was mentally or physically disabled.”

Apparently she is now both…

Hey is any one having problems with video in Firefox 3 beta? For me it’s not loading right and then crashes.

Works fine for me. Are you talking about flash videos? (Reinstall/upgrade flash?) Do you have any video plugins installed?

Yeah, I am having problems with CNN MSNBC and the BCC videos. “yeah news junkie”. I am think it something that I did on my end with the config setting. I’m not having any problem youtube? I don’t have any plugins… :(

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