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Addicted to bokeh

I’ve always been interested in photography but up until recently had been discouraged by all of my photos invariably turning out really boring and crappy. Recently, my friend (BayAnime‘s official staff photographer) let me borrow his old manual lens, a Super Takumar 50mm/f1.4 adapted for the Canon EOS mount, and I have since realized that what I was really missing in my life (and photos) was the presence of extreme bokeh!

Wearing contact lenses coupled with the dim viewfinder of my XTi makes manual focusing incredibly difficult, but for now, I am just happy knowing that one in a hundred photos might actually turn out in some way that I like!

Of course this likely means that in another few months I will be lusting after ludicrously expensive bodies and lenses. What’s that you say? Noctilux f1.0? Curse you, Tommy Oshima’s Flickr photostream!

But for now I really need to get my own Super Takumar! Anyone have one in minty condition for sale (preferably an SMC)? Or a comparable inexpensive, sharp, fast, and awesome lens that can be adapted to the EOS mount?

Anyway I finally got around to taking a picture of one of my most treasured of stuffs…

1960's Martin F-65 acoustic electric guitar

Grandpa Oyama sure had excellent taste in guitars! I am especially proud of having accidentallycleverly used strategically placed bokeh to obscure some dust.

And the usual flower and bird pictures… but now with more bokeh! YAY!



2 replies on “Addicted to bokeh”

Looks like u got the bug.
yea…ludicrous spee….I mean priced cameras….they are pricey.
But they have come down in price….heck, we need to get a new body as it is (1D Mark III….droooool…makes our Mark II and IIN look like kiddie toys)

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