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Inspired by the return of my favorite childhood anime (after Dragon Ball), I have finally emerged from my dark foggy underground cave to unleash a brand new website upon this world (wide web): Using only the primitive tool known as a “laptop” connected to the “internet” I have so far put nearly TWO WHOLE DAYS worth of work into it. Yes! Almost done!(?)


Any local Bay Area anime fans interested in helping out? Let me know!

Oh, and I also finally got a Wii!!!


Now I’m off to buy a ridiculous amount of accessories and try to track down a copy of Mario Kart. But first I must transfer my Mii to my computer

diary web design www

Rounded corners with pure CSS

While searching for rounded corner implementations I came across a whole slew of methods and finally settled on this one:

Spiffy Corners – Making anti-aliased rounded corners with CSS

I like it because it works in most recent browsers, requires no images and no Javascript, and is pure CSS. The website also has a php code generator… input your color values and it will spit out CSS and html that you can just cut and paste! Very cool!