WTF is wrong with Google AdSense? Get those evil “Yes on 8” ads off your site!

I loaded up this morning and to my horror the Google AdSense spaces had “Yes on Prop 8” ads all over it! What is wrong with you, Google?! I am a firm supporter of same sex marriage rights and am VERY OPPOSED to Prop 8, which is both evil and hateful! While I can’t speak for the entire Bay Area anime community, I will say that most people I know who are fans of anime and manga are also very accepting of homosexuality. Either way, the ads are completely irrelevant to my site and I am FURIOUS that they were allowed to end up there!

I’ve submitted a request over an hour ago to block the ads, but since Google was taking its sweet old time to comply I just took them completely off for now. If you have a site that runs AdSense and would like to block the ads too (good luck), these are the steps that supposedly may eventually work:

1. Login to your AdSense account
2. Navigate to: AdSense Setup -> Competitive Ad Filter
3. Enter “” in the text box
4. Press the “Save changes” button

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